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Hi, I'm Ezgi!

I'm one of those people who picked up a book willingly, back in fifth grade, thanks to the Twilight saga being so popular and I've loved reading ever since!

Being a student at a sea-side boarding school in the middle of nowhere, I'm convinced that if the world ever drifts into chaos because of a zombie apocalypse, I'll be the one of few that survives - that's how away the school is from civilisation. But if the apocalypse happens after this year, I'm doomed, as this is my last year there.

UPDATE 16/06/2017: I've graduated! Yay!

I've been running a book blog since 2014 in my native language but one day while I was watching YouTube videos, I decided to start one in English. I mean, how hard could it be? We'll see. (YAY to random life decisions we make.)

You can find me on:

PS: I probably won't open an English Twitter account but I'm thinking of doing English booktube in the distant future, where I graduate from highschool and get into the college I want. That future has enough time for me to do English booktube. But we'll see.

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